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City of Waterloo

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Sheepdog AnimationSheepdog Animation

Where Technology Meets Art

Can you imagine holding your next group outing or team building event at a studio where state of the art technology is used to help you create your own piece of animation? In Waterloo Region it’s possible, at Sheepdog Animation!

Sheepdog Animation is an international award winning animation studio located in Waterloo. Specializing in animation and digital media classes for youth, Sheepdog Animation also welcomes groups to come and explore their studio, find out more about the history of animation, and try their hand at drawing and designing.

sheepdog animation, animation studios waterloo, museums waterloo regionAt Sheepdog Animation, they specialize in classical hand-drawn animation, digital media, 2D digital animation, stop-motion animation and 3D modeling and animation. Groups will enjoy this hands on outing, as they work to create their own animated piece. As groups learn the design process, they will discover how technology and art are combined to produce animation. A fun and unique Team Building exercise, Sheepdog Animation provides an opportunity for teams to work together in a positive, creative environment while planning, communicating, organizing, and problem solving.

Tours of the studio can be arranged for groups wishing to learn more about Sheepdog Animation. Groups can also explore the history of animation, where they will be taken back to the late 1800’s, and learn how animation, sound and film started. Look through the many vintage articles in the museum located at Sheepdog Animation, and discover how animators worked their magic in years gone by.

Studio founders Alice Sinker and Paul Kriz used their technology and arts backgrounds to create Sheepdog Animation. Paul is the technology lead at Sheepdog Animations, designing and building the studio’s animation armatures and workstations, as well as teaching 3D modeling. Alice is the creative lead, teaching classes at the studio. Her extensive background includes working with several animation studios, as well as illustrating over 40 children’s books around the world. Together, they have created an animation studio where technology and art meet, and the outcome is incredible!

10 Wyman Rd., Unit 5, Waterloo, Ontario, N2V 1K7

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