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Hespeler Village Market

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Hespeler Village MarketHespeler Village Market

The Hespeler Village Market arose from a grassroots initiative carried out by several volunteer residents from Hespeler. It was established in 2016 and has been operated as an independent organization since that time.

Hespeler Village Market is an urban community farmers’ market whose aim is to engage the local community via a vibrant outdoor atmosphere. The market is located in the downtown business core of Hespeler on the grounds of the historical Hespeler Town Hall, and is unique as it operates on Friday afternoons and evenings, currently June through October. It serves as a focal point for all downtown businesses at this time.

The market’s mission is to bring locally produced goods to Hespeler residents and to those from surrounding communities. The products sold include local foods and local artisan merchandise. Fresh fruits, vegetables, honey, meats, cheeses, etc. are sold by local farmers. Locally developed and packaged goods are also sold such as sauces, jams, cookies and other baked goods. Vendors who are local artisans offer items such as paintings, jewelry, soaps and books.

Along with the sale of local goods the market offers a variety of music and entertainment every week. Crafts, games and story readings are available for children. Additionally a charity BBQ is held, or ready to eat foods from local restaurants are available, every week. Local community groups are encouraged to set up displays, at no charge. The Hespeler Village Market also gives back to the community by supporting local organizations such as the Children’s Safety Village, Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge and the Hespeler Santa Claus Parade.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Hespeler Village Market!

11 Tannery Street East
Hespeler, Cambridge, ON

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