Flight of White returns to Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory!

flight of white, cambridge butterfly, Cambridge

It’s a Snowfall of Butterflies at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory!

Everything is turning white! Outside, it’s thanks to the snow. But inside at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, the normally tropical looking paradise is turning white too, as the annual Flight of White exhibit returns.

cambridge butterfly, rice paper butterfly, flight of whiteDuring Flight of White, thousands of Rice Paper butterflies are released into the conservatory, providing a magical, wintery look and feel. These large butterflies float like snowflakes throughout the conservatory, often taking a moment to gently land on visitors (which makes for a perfect ‘butterfly selfie’!)

DYK: Rice Paper Butterflies tend to land on visitors more than other butterflies at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, and are particularly attracted to anyone wearing the colour red!

Rice paper butterflies are a relative of the Monarch butterfly, but are larger in size than their orange cousin. With a wingspan of 14-15 cm, it’s easy to spot these translucent beauties as they float through the air. Rice paper butterflies beat their wings in a slow, rhythmic manner, which makes them look like gently falling snowflakes as they flutter through the conservatory! As you enjoy this snowfall of Rice paper butterflies, be sure to learn more about the species at information stations located throughout the conservatory.

Adding to the conservatory’s wintery white look are hundreds of white poinsettias that have been added among the tropical plants, along with thousands of sparkling white lights. And, while it may look wintery inside the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, you won’t need a heavy coat and mittens here! Instead, stroll through the exhibit while enjoying tropical temperatures of 25’C. It’s a great way to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the holidays!

Enjoy the holiday season with the magical Flight of White at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory! Flight of White takes place December 1st to January 31st and is included with your regular paid admission.