Festivities Expanding at Bingemans 50th Oktoberfest!

Festivities Expanding at Bingemans 50th Oktoberfest!Festivities Expanding at Bingemans 50th Oktoberfest!

Bingemans Oktoberfest grounds are expanding due to popular demand and to provide guests with even more festive experiences for their 50th Oktoberfest Anniversary celebrations.

Bingemans Oktoberfest grounds, for the first time ever will have two festhalles. Guests will be able to
enjoy two venues with just one ticket. Last year Bingemans brought in authentic Munich brews; Paulaner
and Hacker-Pschorr, directly from Germany. Paulaner had so much fun that this year they wanted their
own tent. Now, in addition to the Kool Haus, Bingemans is pleased to present the Paulaner Haus. The new
venue will showcase exceptional Oktoberfest décor, not unlike what you would expect to see at a major
Oktoberfest venue in Munich, Germany. As well as Bavarian entertainment, activities, food and of course beer!

Returning for a second year will be Waterloo Brewing’s custom Oktoberfest beer, Festbier. “Due to
popular demand and selling out at all LCBO stores last year, Festbier will be back with even more for our
50th, featuring our 50th celebration logo,” says Mark Bingeman.

A guest favourite that premiered last year at Bingemans Oktoberfest which will be back is the people’s
choice of local craft beer. Voting polls are now open for the community to once again have their say in
what local craft brews will be served at Bingemans Oktoberfest celebrations.inside Bingemans Kool Haus

“We are proud supporters of local breweries says Bingeman. “We are excited to have them once again be
a part of all of our Oktoberfest festivities including Kool Haus, Paulaner Haus and the Bavarian Feast.”
Keep up to date with all of the exciting activities — and to see Bingemans 50 year history timeline of
photos, video/audio stories and other unique aspects of the long Oktoberfest tradition, visit the
Bingemans Oktoberfest website. Also be sure to get your hands on Bingemans special 50th
Anniversary pin (limited quantities are available).