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Block Three Brewing Co.Block Three Brewing Co.
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Block Three Brewing started out as a few guys getting together every month to enjoy some beer. With everyday life getting in the way of good times and great friends, we realized that getting together once a month for some food and beer was a great way to stay in touch. Result: Beer Club.

We started a monthly beer club consisting of four members. Over the course of a few months, we expanded our club one member at a time until we had a pretty good thing going on. Club dues to cover dinner and beer made us feel official. One theme that kept coming up was how much fun it would be to have our own beer. Result: Start a micro-brewery in St. Jacobs with your friends.

That’s right, one night after a couple of samples the decision was made “let’s start a brewery; no stopping unless someone or something prevents us from moving forward”. With one of our club members being a brewer already (lucky eh?), we were already one step ahead of the game! Now, after ten months of planning and setup, we were ready to go. Result: We hope our community enjoys what we have to offer.

1430 Unit 2 King Street N. St. Jacobs, ON N0B 2N0

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