Be Inspired by the Walper Hotel

Be Inspired by the Walper HotelBe Inspired by the Walper Hotel

Featured in the Montreal Gazette, designer Karl Lohnes highlights Kitchener’s Walper Hotel as a place to find decor inspiration.

“How many times have you visited or seen a hotel and wished you could live there full-time (bellmen and all)? Well, travellers take note: the beauty of hotel rooms is in the details, and it’s yours for the taking.

“One of my favourite places for inspiration right now is the Walper Hotel in Kitchener, Ont. It was built in 1893, but was recently renovated and decorated for the 21st century. The designers married old and new, retaining the historical character of a 125-year-old Victorian building but incorporating sleek mid-century-modern-style furnishings. The 92-room hotel (no two rooms are the same in layout or design) is striking a chord with the style-conscious traveller. Its compelling combination of old and new offers plenty of design lessons to bring home for a five-star feel. I’ve done a little shopping to help you bring Walper’s look home.”

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