Waterloo Regional Museum

Waterloo Regional MuseumWaterloo Regional Museum

With so many things to do in the area there has been talk about how wonderful the Waterloo Regional Museum is for not only a family trip but also as a unique venue for events.

As one Trip Advisor guest comments:

“Excellent Local History!”

One of the best local museums I have seen. Very modern (2010) with a solid chronological view of the development of the area. Small displays on local flora and fauna, along with special exhibitions which rotate — beer at the time of our visit.
Thoughtful work in covering each phase of development. Only gap was the change from Berlin to Kitchener in 1916. Obviously controversial, but there is little said beyond a few diplomatic notes.

Visited December 2015

It shares a history of the area that really allows you to jump in and experience. Up in coming exhibit “In The Dark” looks like it is going to be fun!


Waterloo Region Musuem - Interior

WRM-In the dark Exhibit